Database Design Project Water Management Company

Pengele was given the opportunity to work with a water management company in Phoenix AZ to design a SQL Server database for a new software platform and billing engine.

Technologies used

  • SQL Server 2008 R2
  • Database file groups
  • Primary Key and Foreign Key constraints
  • Active Directory authentication
  • SQL Logins
  • NetApp SAN

Pengele responsibilities

  • Work with .Net development team to understand the application being built (online billing engine)
  • Design and implement file groups for data storage (tables and indexes), work with SAN team to carve out LUNs for data and log storage
  • Design and implement schemes for SQL objects (tables, functions, procedures)
  • Design, document and implement all tables and indexes
  • Design, document and implement all PK and FK constraints for the database tables, create table relationships and model to 3rd normal form
  • Create and maintain data dictionary using SQL servers extended properties for objects
  • Work with infrastructure team to secure instance level and database level access by adding AD roles and accounts as SQL logins
  • Work with development team to make database changes to support new application functionality
  • Create SSIS package for data ETL to company data warehouse